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Experience precision with tolerances up to ±0.005 inches, rapid turnaround times as fast as 24 hours, and custom solutions for unique challenges at our CNC machining shop.

Wide Range of Materials and Capabilities

Our CNC machining shop has been designed to process a wide variety of materials, each of which has been chosen to offer the highest possible utility for particular applications. As such, we are capable of producing simple parts, as well as items with complex geometries or material composition. The choice of material directly influences the functionality, durability, and cost-effectiveness of the final product created . Our material inventory is quite large:

  • Metals: Aluminum – lightweight, does not corrode, and is relatively cheap, making it perfect for aerospace or automotive applications; Stainless Steel – sturdy and can be sterilized, so it can be used for medical devices; Titanium – useful for high strength-to-weight ratio parts used in aerospace production and racing.

  • Plastics: ABS – cheap and durable for consumer goods; Polycarbonate – hard and impact-resistant, often used for transparent parts; PEEK – used for extremely high-temperature applications in the chemical and aerospace industries.

  • Specialty materials: we also work with a variety of exotic alloys, composites, and superalloys, which can be tailored to the exact requirements of the project or will offer additional utility in a specific work environment.

Choice of material is not a simple process and has to take into account various factors, such as:

  • Requirement of application, including thermal, mechanical, or environmental stresses the part is likely to face.

  • Required material properties, including strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and weight, and these need to be matched to the properties of the material.

  • The cost-effectiveness of the solution. Material price has to be considered in the context of final part utility and lifespan.

Additionally, our manufacturing capabilities vary to suit the level of complexity of the design:

  • Simple parts: we can produce straightforward parts with ease using CNC machining processes which guarantee a tolerance of ±0.005 inches.

  • Complex assemblies: we can manufacture very complex parts with complicated geometries, as well as assemblies of parts. These processes involve CNC machining and careful attention to the planning and details of the assembly, as often the parts are not uniform and of different materials, yet have to be assembled into a single working unit.

The workflow from a part’s drawings to its final form at our shop is as follows:

  • CNC Machining: the exacting dimensions of individual components are fulfilled using our machining equipment.

  • Quality Control Checks: compliance with the initial blueprint is confirmed at every stage, not just of machining but of assembly.

  • Assembly and Testing: parts are assembled, along with special fittings, hardware or even electronics. This assembly is rigorously tested for performance.

The use of a variety of materials and the manufacturing of parts and assemblies either simple or complex allows us to cater to a wide variety of clients. Our company has the necessary expertise to produce products for the aerospace and automotive industries, medical devices, consumer goods, and other markets. Every project we undertake is completed at the highest possible level of quality and precision.

Wide Range of Materials and Capabilities
Wide Range of Materials and Capabilities

State-of-the-Art CNC Equipment

Overview of Machining Technology

Leveraging on some of the most advanced CNC machining technologies available, our facility runs some of the most efficient parts manufacturing processes in the world. We have invested vast amounts of resources in cutting-edge technology, and by doing so, we have guaranteed our ability to produce highly precise, highly efficient parts. Our machining technology includes:

Multi-Axis Milling Centers: Used to machine parts with more than two sides to be machined, multi-axis milling centers reduce lead time and improve geometric accuracy.

Turning Centers with “Live” Tooling: Streamline the process by allowing parts to be turned, milled, and drilled all at once, reducing lead time, and finished-part costs.

High Speed Precision Machining Units: Designed for high speed and material removal, these machines allow for a surface speed of up to 12,000 rpm and significantly reduce cycle time in large-run productions. With a multitude of CNC machining units that have varying capabilities, we are able to provide our client with the highest degree of precision possible.

Robotics and CNC Upgrades

Our facility is constantly in an efficient state of improvement. We regularly update our equipment and software with the latest models and technology. With some of the most advanced CNC machines in the world, we have been able to cut down set-up time for parts by 30% using a new automated tool-changer system . We have also recently installed a new robotic part loader to our CNC turning centers, further expanding our automated “lights out” production capabilities, enabling us to run parts for our clients when our facility is closed, furthering the output of our facility. At the end of the day, firms who are willing to invest in CNC technology will be able to provide their clients with highly precise parts, much faster than they would be able to otherwise.

As leaders in CNC machining, we make sure that our clients receive only the best parts. Thus, our ability to produce parts that exceed expectations is our top priority. Before each and every project, we sit down and figure out how to make the previously, impossible, possible. To us, there cannot be a better challenge.

Expert Team with Extensive Experience

Our CNC machining shop is powered by a team of highly skilled machinists and engineers, each of whom has years of experience and knowledge. This enables our team to address a wide range of projects, including standard machining tasks and custom solutions for unique challenges.

Skilled Machinists and Engineers

Our team consists of professionals who, on average, boast 15 years of experience with CNC machining, engineering, and design. Their expertise allows us to understand the characteristics of machining different materials, ranging from common metals such as aluminum and steel to exotic alloys and plastics. Our engineers use the latest software tools, including CAD and CAM , to translate sophisticated designs into precise machining instructions.

Continuous Training: To remain at the forefront of the CNC machining field, our team receives ongoing training in the latest machining techniques and technologies.

Cross-Functional Teams: There are cross-functional teams of building machinists, engineers, and quality control professionals – this guarantees that a holistic approach to CNC machining and project management.

Custom Solutions for Unique Challenges

Custom projects often provide unique challenges that require an out-of-the-box approach and custom solutions. Our team is highly experienced in devising custom machining strategies and projects that respond to the specific needs and limitations.

Design Optimization: Our machinists and engineers examine the initial designs with the customers and propose changes that make them more manufacturable, leading to improved performance and lower costs

Material Selection: Our experts can also provide recommendations on materials to use for the parts, taking into account such characteristics as strength, thermal properties, and cost.

Prototype Development: We provide rapid prototyping services to the vast majority of our clients, allowing them to shape their designs before going into full-scale production.

Thanks to our experience, we have had the opportunity to work on virtually any kind of project. Our experts have developed and machined parts that are durable and reliable enough to be used in aerospace equipment or helped fabricate custom medical devices that save patients’ lives. Maiin these cases and all others, our flexibility and experience have been invaluable for developing a custom solution and machining the products to the highest possible standards. Since the very beginning, we have worked hard to set the bar higher and earn a reputation as one of the best CNC machining service providers in the world.

Expert Team with Extensive Experience
Expert Team with Extensive Experience

Fast Turnaround and Reliable Delivery

The current pace of the market demands that CNC machined parts be of great quality, quickly and reliably produced. Our shop has developed the necessary environment to make quick delivery possible without any noticeable quality problems.

Streamlined Processes

Our way of providing quick turnaround is based on several key ideas: advanced planning, streamlined processes and modern CNC technology.

  • Project Planning: each part and project is thoroughly reviewed and planned before the start of production. We plan every detail of machining and finishing before any action is taken. As a result, any unforeseen issues can be addressed and planned for in advance, assuring that everything will go smoothly.

  • Shop Floor Workflow: our shop is based on lean manufacturing principles: there’s the absolute minimum of waste and time lost because of inefficient processes. Moreover, the layout of our shop floor is based on minimizing the time spent on machine setup, allowing us to switch between different machining types quickly.

  • Technology Usage: modern CNC technology allows us to process each part quickly without any loss in precision. Automated tool changers and multi-axis machining centers ensure that the parts are machined as quickly and precisely as possible. Moreover, our software systems don’t require significant preparation time and can be adapted to any circumstances of the production process shortly before the changes will be made.

Delivery Records

While speed is important, it’s just as important to be a reliable provider of machined parts. Our approach to delivery is:

Real-time tracking supported by ERP systems, which track every part and the status of every segment of production. As a result, we know precisely how far we have gone in producing a part and whether any slower-than-expected processes can delay delivery. Additionally, the same ERP system is used for tracking of inventory, ensuring that we are notified in advance of the need to resupply.

Quality control checks are conducted throughout the whole of the machining process, and every part is cleaned and inspected before moving on to the next stage. As a result, no delays are expected at the end of the process due to the need for rework.

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